digital drum kit, all mesh head, XL setup

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digital drum kit, all mesh head, XL setup

Building on the foundation of its predecessor, the Medeli MZ528, the Medeli MZ725 digital drum kit elevates the drumming experience to new heights. Designed for both aspiring and seasoned drummers, the MZ725 merges enhanced playability with a vast array of features, offering an unparalleled drumming journey at a value that respects the musician's budget.

The MZ725 sets itself apart with an expanded set-up that includes 2 x 8” and 2 x 10” dual-zone mesh head toms, providing a wider dynamic range and more expressive performance capabilities. The snare drum, a generous 10” dual-zone mesh head, offers detailed articulation and responsiveness, allowing for nuanced playing styles.

Cymbals on the MZ725 have been meticulously crafted for an immersive experience, featuring two 12" dual-zone crash cymbals with choke functionality, and a 14” three-zone ride with choke, delivering the sophisticated response required by modern drummers. The 12” dual-zone hi-hat and real hi-hat pedal provide an authentic hi-hat feel, further bridging the gap between digital and acoustic drumming.

At the heart of the MZ725 is a comprehensive drum module, boasting a 3” LCD display and a massive polyphony of 128, ensuring every stroke and nuance is captured. With 54 preset and 45 user drum kits, alongside an extensive sound library of 699 sounds plus 19 hi-hats, the creative possibilities are endless. The kit also supports user samples, offering personalization to fit any genre or style.

The connectivity suite of the MZ725, including USB-B for MIDI, MIDI in/out, and versatile audio jacks, ensures seamless integration into any studio or live setup. The kit's extensive trigger parameter adjustments, global compressor, and kit-specific reverb and EQ effects allow drummers to sculpt their perfect sound.

Despite its advanced features, the MZ725 remains user-friendly, with dedicated volume sliders and knobs for intuitive control. The addition of an SD card slot for external storage (up to 64GB) not included, expands the potential for sample storage and playback.

Embrace the evolution of digital drumming with the Medeli MZ725. Whether refining your skills with the onboard coaching functions or laying down tracks in the studio, the MZ725 offers the tools and tones to inspire and elevate your musical expression.


Tom: 2 x 8” mesh head (2-zone), 2 x 10” mesh head (2-zone)
Snare: 10” mesh head (2-zone)
Crash: 2 x 12" (2-zone with choke)
Ride: 14” (3-zone with choke)
Hi-Hat: 12” (2-zone)
HH Pedal: Real hi-hat
Kick: 8” mesh head
Display: 3” LCD (128 x 64)
Max Polyphony: 128
Drum Kit: 54 presets + 45 users
Sound / Voice: 699 + 19 hi-hats, User (15MB max.)
Song: 100 preset + 10 users
Dimensions: 1300 x 573 x 1200 mm
Weight: 41 kg
Power: DC9V
Connections: USB-B (MIDI), MIDI in/out, Headphone jack (1 x 1/4"), Aux-in jack (1 x 1/8"), Output jack (2 x 1/4" mono)
Trigger Parameters: Gain, Threshold, H/R response, Cross stick level, Curve, Crosstalk, Retrig level, Splash gain, HH close point
Effect: Compressor (global), Reverb (kit), EQ (kit)
Record: MIDI, Audio
Audio Playback: WAV, MP3
Coach: Quiet count, Beat check, Change up
Metronome: Click voice, Volume, Time signature, Interval select
Tempo: 30-280
Volume Control: 6 x sliders, 4 x knobs
Other: User sample, External drive SD card (64GB max., not included)

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