table drum with 7 pads, touch sensitive, 2 Pad Pedals, incl.Drumsticks

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table drum with 7 pads, touch sensitive, 2 Pad Pedals, incl.Drumsticks

With 7 touch sensitive pads and 2 foot pedals, DD315 has the capability of a full drum kit in the size of a portable drum. It provides 265 drum sounds, 45 drum kits and 100 preset songs. The sound system is meticulously tweaked to give a deep, powerful bass. Drummers are able to plug their music playing device to the Aux In jack and play along to all of their favorite music. DD315 also features a USB connector that is compatible to all computers and mobile device for easy and quick connection. DD315 caters to both beginners and drummer enthusiasts and it is also great alternative to full size drum kit.


DRUM PAD 7 pads (touch sensitivity)

SWITCH PEDAL 1 x Kick • 1 x Hi-hat control

DISPLAY 3-digits LED

DRUM KIT 45 + 5 users

VOICE 265 + 128 GM

SONG 100


DIMENSION 500 x 370 x 158 mm

WEIGHT 3.3 kg

POWER DC12V • 6 x C batteries


CONNECTION USB-MIDI • 1 x 1/4" headphone / output jack • 1 x 1/8" aux-in jack • Kick pedal • Hi-hat control pedal LEARNING Drum off RECORD Yes TEMPO 30-280 EFFECT Reverb on / off PANEL CONTROL Power • Master volume • Acc. volume • Record • Play / Stop • Tempo • Click • Hand percussion • Drum off • Kit • Voice • Song • Start / Stop • Demo • Volume • Pan • Note • Reverb • Select • Save OTHER Hand percussion



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