digital compact piano, 88 keys graded hammer action (GAS-II), 2 x 25 watt - black satin

ProductId: 55274 SKU: UP82/BK Category: Brandname: Medeli Series: Educational Series

digital compact piano, 88 keys graded hammer action (GAS-II), 2 x 25 watt - black satin

Introducing the Medeli UP82, a distinguished entry-level digital piano that advances the legacy of the UP81 with significant enhancements to both aesthetics and audio output. This model sports an improved finish, ensuring not only a sleek and elegant look but also a touch of refined craftsmanship that elevates its presence in any setting.

With an amplifier that's been upgraded to offer 25% more power, the UP82 delivers a richer, more resonant sound, making each performance more captivating and immersive. This enhancement complements the piano's already impressive features, such as the fully weighted graded action keyboard (GAK) for an authentic playing experience, and a realistic 3-pedal unit, all housed within a powerful-sounding cabinet.

The UP82 continues to support the essential elements that made the UP81 beloved among musicians, including the versatile USB-Audio connectivity for direct recording to mobile phones or computers, simplifying the creative process for composers and artists alike.


Keybed: 88 keys (graded action keyboard GAK)
Max. Polyphony: 64
Sounds / Voices: 20
Music Library: 10 songs
Layers: L, R1, R2
Split: Yes
Duo (Twinova): Yes
Reverb: 4 types
Pitch Adjustment: Transpose, octave
Other Control: Touch sensitive, sound demo, beep tone, D.A.S.
Interaction & Expansion: USB-B (MIDI & Audio)

USB: USB-B (MIDI & Audio)
Headphone Jack: 2 x 1/4"
Input Jack: 1 x 1/4"
Output Jack: 1 x 1/4"
Pedal: (Sustain / Soft / Sostenuto)
Amplifier: 2 x 25 watt
Speaker: 2 x (15 x 10) cm oval
Power: DC 12V
Dimensions: 1362 x 396 x 830 mm
Weight: 39.7 kg

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